TurfGro Specialty Blends:

  • TurfGro Blackout – Designed to overcome the challenge of long periods of restricted fertilizer applications in parts of Florida
  • TurfGro Winterizer – Provides critical fall nutrients to cool-season turf in northern and coastal regions
  • TurfGro PLUS Complete Soil Care – Formulated with Synergy wetting agent AND Sanctuary organic base, reducing water use and building healthy soils, especially important for combatting drought in areas like California & Texas

What Makes TurfGro Fertilizers Different?

TurfGro Professional Fertilizers are formulated for your region— your soil, turf and plant needs. Implementing the best performing fertilizer program means meeting the needs of a particular region, all year round – and those needs are different across the country.

The TurfGro lineup offers solutions to specific landscape needs.

There are 5 types of TurfGro Fertilizer to suit your situation. Look for the following label colors to point you toward the appropriate products to meet your needs:

Formulated specifically for your region,
and available exclusively at Horizon!

Slow Release Formula

Offers the most efficient feeding for lawns and increase the time between applications, saving you labor and maintenance costs

Original (All-Soluble
Quick Release) Formula

Great when you need green lawns fast


Ideal for environmentally-sensitive areas or any landscape in need of improved soil biology

Combo (With Pesticide)

Combines fertilizer with Pest Control products, making it easy to feed turf AND control weeds or insects in ONE step

Ornamental Plant Formula

Provides the perfect balance of nutrients to support healthy trees, shrubs, flowers and other landscape plantings




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